TATRA a.s. is a producer of heavy duty all-wheel-drive 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 off-road trucks
featuring with exceptional performance in difficult terrain and climatic and environment
conditions. A strong point of the TATRA make is its original design of the chassis.
During most of the 100 year history of vehicle production, both commercial and military
products of TATRA have won recognition even in the harshest climatic and terrain


The TATRA chassis consists of a central "backbone" tube, extending along the whole
length of the vehicle and covering all parts of the driveline, and of independent swing
half-axles, coming out of the "backbone" tube and swinging up and down around the
backbone tube center line. While each wheel copies the profile of the terrain, the rigid
backbone tube actually eliminates any twist or bending of the chassis. In this way
TATRA trucks can overcome various obstacles at higher speeds than vehicles of
conventional design, offer exceptional mobility, as well as unusual comfort for the
driver and load when operating off-road or cross-country.

The principle features of TATRA suspension technology include:

No torsion or bending of the chassis and superstructure, therefore: safe and trouble-free
transport of sensitive loads, special bodies or superstructures; high ride comfort and
faster drive off-road
Long life of the chassis
Driveline shafts and other components are covered and protected inside the "backbone"
The chassis can operate "frameless", which makes it possible to fix certain bodies
directly to the chassis crossmembers
Each wheel moves up and down independently, therefore: remarkably higher speed on
rough roads; quick pass over obstacles; exceptional off-road and cross-country mobility
and excellent absorption of shocks and vibrations caused by rugged road surface
Swing half-axles are extremely resistant against impacts and shocks


High degree of commonality for commercial and military models
AWD 4x4, 6x6, 8x8 and 10x10 versions in production
Different wheelbase alternatives available for each version
Suitable as cargo or troop carriers, and particularly as chassis for different kinds of
special superstructures
Lockable side- and inter-axle differentials
Various PTO options
TATRA, a.s., produce three families of military trucks:

T815 -Family of military trucks and chassis, not meeting some of the legislation
requirements. Available in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 configurations with 8- or 12-cylinder air-
cooled TATRA engines (170, 235 and 265 kW). Dedicated for export to markets with no
or low legislation standards.

ARMAX – Family of military trucks or chassis based on current production commercial
models, meeting all European emission, noise, and axle load standards. Available in
4x4 and 6x6 configurations with 8-cylinder TC/AC air-cooled TATRA engines (230, 255
or 300 kW) and 10-speed manual TATRA transmission

FORCE – Family of military (or commercial) vehicle or chassis models for special
purposes, using several different makes of water cooled engines over 300 kW, special or
automatic transmissions, as well as other high-performance design features enhancing
the outstanding off-road mobility of the TATRA-concept chassis.
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The TATRA Tank Transporter was designed to move the heaviest tanks and armoured
vehicles of GVW’s up to 74 metric tons over the most difficult terrains, particularly in
desert sands at ambient temperatures of up to 55 ° C, as well as on roads and in the

Its 8x8 chassis adopts the unique TATRA design of suspension, including the latest
development of the TATRA suspension system – TATRA combination suspension
(KING FRAME®) – at the rear axles. This combination of leaf springs and airbags
located above the "backbone" tube make it possible to keep the height of the fifth wheel
at constant height, independent of the load.
TATRA   T815   S1
Sample T815 8x8